Clubs & Facilities

Welcome to our Clubs and Facilities Directory where you can find a club or facility by type or browse by activity.

The facilities database is a new addition and for the first time, one has finger-tip immediate access to details about sports and leisure facilities across the county, including the exact Google Maps location of each.

The comprehensive database of facilities is a joint initiative involving Sligo Sport and Recreation Partnership and the Institute of Technology Sligo, which has provided the research and technical expertise.

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Sligo Walks .ie

Sligo Walks is a collaborative website, developed between Sligo County Council, Sligo Leader Partnership/Rural Recreation Officer and Sligotourism to highlight/capture all the known public walks in Co. Sligo.

Sligo boasts a range of walks including two premier long distance linear walking routes – The Sligo Way and The Miners Way and Historical Trail.

Currently there are over sixty walks across all types of terrain from coastal to forest, lakeshore to upland and everything in between! These trails are all within a short travel distance from Sligo City. So whether you are a beginner or an experienced recreational trail user, there is a walk for everyone to enjoy.

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